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Vive Collaborative

VIVE Collaborative is a comprehensive design bureau that specializes in restaurant, private club and bespoke hotel design.

“We believe that design is a lifestyle, something born into you, a carefully curated passion that thrives when nourished by the world around us.

Design is a collaboration, the product of exposure to ideas and the skill to expand on them; the best design is curated when all key players come to the table with passion, an open mind and inspired points of view.

At VIVE Collaborative, we define success as the realization, expansion and achievement of our clients’ objectives.

“Design shouldn’t add drama, it should build character.

In a Sea of Creativity This is What Sets us Apart

We Listen

Listening to our clients is our number one priority

We are committed to the success of your business

In the end, when the doors are open, we know that each project is first and foremost a business, which needs to be profitable.

We are not a portfolio driven firm


Vive Concierge

Not every project is a major renovation, sometimes all that is needed is a quick refresh and a few refined details.


Bethany Deac


BETHANY DEAC - Principal

Bethany Deac, Principal and Founder of VIVE Collaborative knew from an early age that she would work in a creative field. She has spent the last decade developing and fine tuning her innate sense of spatial awareness and holistic design philosophy. One that is committed to both the aesthetic and fiscal success of each project.

In April of 2014 she was awarded Boutique 18, a honor given to the top 18 up and coming designers in the US.

A Southern California native, Bethany strives to create unique and cohesive design solutions tailored to the history, identity and culture of each environment by providing a concept that is fluid and unveils itself in layers to the end user. Her strong sketching, space planning and rendering skills are useful in communicating ideas, fostering discussion and engaging all members of the project.

Bethany’s design aesthetic and philosophy continue to evolve through her extensive world travels and knowledge of foreign languages and cultures. This global exposure taught her that observation and listening are the keys to any successful venture and is something she infuses into the culture of the firm.

Always keeping in mind how the end user will function in the space, Bethany and her team create environments that are not only visually stunning and inviting, but emphasize the direction and priorities of the client.

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Bridget Crane

Bridget Crane -
Senior Designer

BRIDGET CRANE - Senior Designer

Bridget Crane, Senior Designer of VIVE Collaborative, was first pulled to the arts and design by the regional architecture of the coastal American South. Growing up on Florida’s Gulf Coast, she was intrigued by Victorian homes that were not only elegant in their use of decoration, but efficient in their use of space. This love of elegance and efficiency informs her work today.

With more than a decade of experience in hospitality, commercial, and residential design, she strives to create well edited spaces that are evocative of each project's local environs and community; spaces that are rooted in storytelling. By using anthropological, ecological, and historical aesthetic references each environment can provide a sense of familiarity for local residents, and one of discovery for visitors.

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Bogdan Deac

Bogdan Deac -
Business Development

Vive Casa

“Holistic lifestyle design services dedicated to supporting your most extraordinary self.

Our residential studio where our experienced design team explores and defines the clients wants and needs as a part of a structured design exercise meant to extract your essential and unique lifestyle priorities.

We want to find what is unique & special about you and celebrate it in your space.

Creating an environment free of clutter and rooted in essentialism.

Our process is about redefining the soul of your home.

“Your space should be an extension of the people who live there. It should support and uplift those it holds so completely that each element becomes a memory in the story of your life.